breathing designs | 01 | – Uncle Sam

What you believe in is what you do!

Breathing designs! This self inventive phrase has encircled my life as a powerful tool in every sense of my being!

Let me share some of my habitual experiences!

Today morning I decided to hit the gym. I sometimes go to the Core- gym, spa & salon at hotel Centre Point, one of the early design projects of my FORMS group project diaries! While I am walking on the treadmill,  I have this huge expanse of fixed glass right ahead of me; behind which are the bamboo shoots which I had planted a year ago. They now seem to have become all lush green, thick and tall and are flickering with the beautiful rainy wind that prevailed this morning. It just felt so beautiful!




And while this happened, I kept telling myself,  I wished I had stayed a bit more stubborn on my original idea of having centrally pivoted glass fins which would open up in weathers like this and that would mean saying good bye to the overly estimated A.C.’s for a while (sadly they are a must in commercial setups in a climate like that of Nagpur)! But nonetheless, the workout session is always enriching here for the space is filled with greens (natural and natural looking ones). #breathingdesignspro


After an excellent workout, I decide to go have a fat parsi breakfast with my (special love) irani chai , at the B.A.W.A. restaurant (my first individual project).

And as I enter around my cute lil’ meandering pathway, I see a smitten kitten who has also found a second abode at the B.A.W.A (just like me). I seldom choose to sit in it’s outdoors for breakfast; beautifully adorned with lemon and hibiscus trees and so many palms and other creepers. Northern diffused light adds to the serenity and I couldn’t have been more fortunate as a designer! While my friend, Yohann (also the owner, of the B.A.W.A.) comes at work, we love our long table in the semi outdoor space facing this beautiful garden. This semi- outdoor verandah which we call as the B.A.W.A. deck, is adorned with some diffused beams of sunlight pouring through the tiny glass skylight amidst the earthy roof. And not to forget the bell shaped tecoma grandis flowers garlanding the entire semi-open verandah along its vintage antique railing! I sip in my half leftover irani chai while my friend loves his black coffee over some nice morning talk with fresh brewing thoughts, aspiring dreams and like mindedness to accompany; along with this myriad of greens and natural beauty that we preserved and nurtured for this space.






So until ten o’ clock, I , hello people, my name is Uncle Sam and I am a breathing architect; yes so until ten o’ clock I m already so pumped with “eco positivity” (as I call it) that while I drive back home I wondrously keep smiling! As I reach home, I have my extended family members (my dear plants) everywhere in my home; waiting to be watered! My mom loves greens! Our plants make our home even more homely.


Now I m ready to start my design day. I design every day and my inspiration starts with the natural surroundings!





I am mostly not tired through the day! after all my afternoon tea is also green, some cardamom, home grown lemon grass and green tea! Me and my mommy would break for this green tea every single day! It is one of our things!



By now you all know, that my evenings would also be delightful. Of course they are! Whether I go for a brisk jog along the joggers street or I decide to skate! Both are such a breather! When it is the jogger’s day I enjoy the vast stretch of trees on both the sides of this beautiful walking stretch, whereas while I m wheeling on my skates, I m enjoying the gust of wind blowing as I flawlessly fly on my skates! #wheelingarchitect #skaterarchitect



By the end of the day, if I feel like gifting somebody , whether it is just one of those things that I like to do, or for a birthday or even as a wedding gift for one of my classmates for that matter, I stop by this beautiful green yard in an old bungalow in civil lines area. Actually, this is the only gift shop I know! I don’t end up anywhere else! After all, I keep on finding ways to be around nature!


More to come in the second article! Till then happy breathing designs !

– Uncle Sam


Uncle Sams drafting board logo final.jpg

Ar. Samruddhi S Chaphales

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