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While there is a lot of buzz in the city of the upcoming and the most distinguished hotspot. Correct! I am talking about the same carbon black building with those plus sign windows right in front of the HDFC house which was once a basic skeleton and where you would always find a Land Rover baby parade every time you pass by! (yippee, this is the tenth elevation draft that has come to life; time to celebrate!)

20170619_135932.jpgDiscussions over the project began almost a year ago, but it was the month of November that led to the beginning of transforming a vision to reality. Let me take you through this journey full of madness. You guessed it right! It was a mandate to have all the crazy people come together for this project!  🙂


20170715_200605The owner team was prepared with an excellent homework for the first brain storming session and that was the major turning point in shaping up this project. I still remember Apeksha and Angadh (two of the prodigious clients) who pointed out the earmarked and those key words embarked upon the beginning of the roller coaster task of shaping it up!

Collages3.jpgPAINTER’S EMPTY CANVAS! THIS KEY WORD kept rolling in our minds ever since the discussion happened! Sunday morning, nice coffee with biscuits. Brain storming discussion for long good hours! Biggest mystery of life we resolved !!!PICASSO-  THE ART LOUNGE_001.jpgAfter picking up the option of a famous painter, the next big question was WHO?

Vincent Van Gogh v/s Pablo Picasso

And the answer is right in front of your eyes!


20170704_160858.jpg IMG-20170718-WA0006.jpg

Howbeit, it is an altogether different story of how the initial idea of keeping “Picasso” as the name got changed to his first name, “Pablo”! Rather it was just because Pablo sounded cooler, aberrant and canorous! PICASSO-  THE ART LOUNGE_003.jpgPablo, as I researched further, was such a deranged mindset that it helped me dig deeper into his philosophy (very relatable, ROFL! as even today, my mum keeps a stick ready for my eventful stunts, such as wearing two different chappals and going out, or for seldom wearing two ponytails over a freaky men’s casual apparel or for my moody, arduous working in strange hours and things like that). I love Pablo, for sure! Thank you SIKA llp.  for giving me this opportunity! I am still dreaming, when it has turned to reality!

I indulged into serious designing with the support of Sir RB (who has provided me with Forms as an umbrella full of design opportunities, something that I just love to do)! This association and reminders, ”Sam this is a project of details! Dig it!” No doubt it became my morning alarm for the next eight months! A big hero in this story is Mr. Angadh, who is the father of the same black Land Rover that you see parked outside this dream project that he had envisioned with his dear friends and partners (Karan, Swapnil, Inishpal, Arjun) a year ago. His immense faith, confidence and support led to execute dreams to reality! He still reminds me of how I got the folded stairway redone thrice and how I fought over the leather finish granite and no other and things like that! We are good friends now 🙂

FRONTAGE LAYOUT-01-04-17_001

electric conduit - 10-1-17_001 layout- pablo_001

The entrance passage to ‘Pablo’
False ceiling sample
Folded slab attempt
Main inside area




Pablo’s yellow period! 😛 sound proofing stage

Pablo effect would often sit so much on top of our heads that the nature of the project became overly experimental! And I love this fact because experimentation leads to innovation! From rusted walls and ceiling, to rough flooring to Pablo art at its galore, (right from his ceramic plate art, to oil canvases, to his sculptures and installations to his doodles and a superman in girl’s restroom also a wonder woman in boy’s restroom); we have not left any scope of leftover remark!

Our crazy stunts also include, bringing Pablo’s triangulated art as flooring (we couldn’t achieve it that’s a different story, but we are happy that we tried and have now substituted it with a concrete trimix flooring which is equally beautiful!)



Triangulated flooring design in cement

Well, since we are extra smart, we have left no stone unturned to use this triangulated art form (as I call) and it finally gets its place as films on the restroom glass partitions!

Sample of a customized restroom partition film using Pablo art form

Overdoze of Pablo, led to my laptop filled with more of Pablo’s pictures than anybody else’s! Virat Kohli was on the highest list of my pictures; but Pablo just ruined it, ROFL! It has also led to things like attempting a bar counter with acrospans as false ceiling, really!20170715_200320.jpg

Elevations became a massive test of creativity!

b-w wall 2_001.jpg

8.schematic elevation options of north wall_001
Elevation option that we didn’t do!
Main hall schematic strip elevations
waiting area strip elevations- pablo- 21-03-17_001
Atrium strip elevations
restroom lobby wall- 01-04-17_001
Restroom lobby filled with Pablo’s doodles!
pablo- bar counter detail- 15-03-17_001
Bar counter details!
Pablo bar counter in the making
Daddyji at Pablo and his blessings!
Chaos! at the Pablo on the ‘puja divas’!
Our main art wall
The Pablo wall
waiting area - partition design- 16-03-17_001
Atrium area partition design
Door designs
Restroom counter design


Female restroom
Male restroom
restroom deliniations-11-04-17s_001
Restrooms’ delineations
front elevation of outdoor bar canopy - 20-04-17_001
Outdoor bar counter design with back wall filled with Pablo’s ‘Guernica’ painting and canopy detail on top
outdoor bar counter canopy detail_20-04-17_001.jpg
Outdoor bar counter canopy detail
(From left to right – ceiling, window, cubic installation design)
Iterations of outdoor wall!

Mumma loved the place! I m getting emotional now!

My promoter! Blessed to have her! Miss Papa
Mumma and Sister Tanaya at the Pablo soft launch

Slowly and steadily, it became obvious that we were dreaming of something on the lines of BARN!

Uncle Sam’s easel drawing for the carpentry unit at the FORMS wood factory
Forms wood factory furniture
Architect’s drafting board converted to community table

Furniture design was a stimulating task! Being an architect, it was very exciting as a thought to convert the architect’s drafting table (PS- how I love drafting table, you can check my uncle sam logo) into a tall community table. And the expert and vigorous team of carpenters at the Forms wood factory surely proved their talent! Kudos!

Door design with Pablo effect!

And the Pablo effect continues everywhere, lmao! Had to seldom rush from morning workouts straight to the site to avoid such accidents, heehee!

Uncle Sam and her site visits!

We obviously planned to fill up the entire place with Pablo’s art hither & thither! Sanjay Sir and his brush strokes brought the project to its life!

Paintings, Pablo style painted chandeliers and art supplies
Sanjay Sir’s fabulous job at depicting Pablo’s art
She is Femme, who is always reclining!
Pablo in his studio sketched by Sanjay Sir using charcoal sticks
Sanjay Sir at his artistic best! These Pablo sculptures made by him have just found the right place for themselves!
The Pablo with our Pablo – Sanjay Sir (artist)

Forget the accessories and clothes, I just love stationary shopping. Vaibhav stationary seemed like a wonderland the day I shopped. No doubt, I managed to raise the shopping expenses thrice from what was budgeted!






Art supplies

History wall, along the DJ stage was planned in a way that it also allows public to be a part of the cute lil’ stage to read about Pablo and his insanity; blue, rose, african, cubism and neoclassical styles being his major impactful demonstrations!

Pablo’s history wall

Experimentation further continued to some live size metal installations!


Cubic Installation designed for the atrium, it is worth so many lacs I tell you! 

For the outdoors, it had to be the concept of breathing designs! Meandering driveway and staggering pocketed plantation with the rough flooring platter (be it leather finish granite, grey shahadur stone or grey pavers) thus became the base of our design. Some bougainvilleas, palms, bamboos, ticomas and bottle brush trees manifested life in it! We are ardently waiting for Picasso’s famous goat sculpture to be a part of these lovely outdoors! Sanjay Sir, gear up! We are eagerly waiting for you to complete the goat sculpture!

Outdoor flooring design
Greens coming up
Outdoors shaping up
Folded slab getting in shape
Outdoor light testing
Meandering driveway
Lovely light fittings
Meandering driveway with greens at both ends

I further went on to demonstrating the dungaree to become the server’s dress code! Not that it is practical, ROFL as mentioned by Angadh (he has his own funny reasons) but I am glad that the dress code is on the similar lines!



The vibrant, interactive and arty, ‘Pablo- The Art Cafe Lounge’ is soon opening its doors for all of you. What is further exciting is that Arjun Arora and his operations’ team has done a parallel and fabulous job in conceptualizing and designing the arty menu, dishes and sippers! I am sure after reading it all, you know it is worth so many visits! Then why wait! Hit the doors of Pablo very soon. For details visit it’s facebook page

As I say goodbye, I cannot miss to mention how I tumbled and twisted my ankle at the site towards the end of the project! But sigh! It was Angadh and Karan to convince me on this accident bringing some added luck and goodwill to the place and there we shared a laugh!


As I am handing over the project for Arjun to take over with the operations! It already feels a dream! – Uncle Sam



{Details: Pablo, the art lounge cafe, civil lines, Nagpur (SIKA Hospitality – Swapnil Munde,                   Inishpal Bhatia, Karan Jaiswal, Angadh Arora)                                                                              Project facilitator – RB aka Rukshad Bhagwagar (Director, Forms                              group, Nagpur)                                                                                                                                        Project designer & architect – Uncle Sam aka  Ar. Samruddhi S Chaphale} 

– Uncle Sam


Ar. Samruddhi S Chaphale

instagram blog page –



  1. Angadh n Arjun , a deadly combination of dreamer and doer. Very glad to know, congratulations for this new venture. Their passion will get them places. Wishing all the best, may this get you both closer to your dreams n unravel happiness in the lives of those around you GBU


  2. Congratulations to SIKA Hospitality for their 1st venture PABLO…I wish them good luck and wish them to open more PABLO’s all accross the world. Nagpur is in need of such places to hang around….
    Once again Congrats
    Angad Swapni Karan….


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